A Big Frock Rekord

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A Big Frock Rekord
Logotype - A Big Frock Rekord.png
Type Independent
Founded 1980
Founder(s) David Ball, Marc Almond
Status Active
Origin United Kingdom
Artist(s) Soft Cell
Dave Ball
A Big Frock Rekord is an independent record label created by David Ball and Marc Almond in 1980. It was initially made for their debut record as Soft Cell, released the same year, and wasn't used until 2018.

History[edit | edit source]

A Big Frock Rekord was created in 1980 by Dave Ball and Marc Almond for Soft Cell's first, self-produced record – Mutant Moments. The main reason to make a DIY EP was that established independent record labels like Mute and Rough Trade haven't showed interest in duo's demo tapes.[1][2] The name of the label came from Liz Pugh, clothes designer and then partner of Huw Feather, Almond's friend and future Soft Cell art director.[2]

Shortly after release of Mutant Moments, Stevo noticed Soft Cell and signed them to his new record label Some Bizzare, thus A Big Frock Rekord was left behind. Problems with Red Rhino Records and distribution of Mutant Moments also contributed to decision to leave independent entity.[2]

The label was resurrected in 2018 with Club Remixes EP, in the wake of Soft Cell's 40th anniversary and series of retrospective releases. A completely new recording under the label – Magick Mutants EP, a ‘sequel’ to Mutant Moments, followed in 2019.

Since 2020 A Big Frock Rekord is used for Dave Ball releases and Soft Cell reissues.

Releases[edit | edit source]

Year Artist Title Type
1980 Soft Cell Cover - Mutant Moments.png Mutant Moments EP
2018 Soft Cell Cover - Club Remixes EP 2018.png Club Remixes EP 2018 EP
2019 Soft Cell Cover - Magick Mutants.png Magick Mutants EP
2020 Dave Ball Cover - 1979-2019.png 1979–2019 Compilation
Dave Ball Cover - Deluxe EP 2020.png Deluxe EP 2020 EP
Soft Cell Cover - Cruelty Without Beauty 2020 Extended Mixes.png Cruelty Without Beauty 2020 Extended Mixes EP
Soft Cell Cover - Cruelty Without Beauty (reissue).png Cruelty Without Beauty (reissue) Album
2022 Soft Cell Cover - Strange Kinda Dance.png Strange Kinda Dance Single

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References[edit | edit source]

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