Back To Nature

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Back To Nature
Track by Soft Cell
Year 2018
Recorded Dean Street Studios
Kick Studios
Written Frank Tovey
Composed Frank Tovey
Produced Soft Cell
Genre synth-pop
From Magick Mutants
Also in 1979–2019
*Happiness Now Completed
“Back To Nature” is a song by English new wave artist Fad Gadget, which was covered by Soft Cell for their EP Magick Mutants, released in 2019.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Back To Nature was the first record and single by Frank Tovey, released under his stage name Fad Gadget in 1979. Both Marc Almond and Dave Ball were students in the same Fine Art department of Leeds Polytechnic as him. They decided to cover the song in memory of Tovey, who passed away in 2002.

Record and release[edit | edit source]

The recording took place around the same time or after the recording of new songs in 2018.[?] Almond recorded vocals in Dean Street Studios, Soho, London. Ball worked on music with co-producer Rick Mulhall in his Kick Studios. The cover is fairly close to original version, with Ball providing additional backing vocals on chorus. Due to limitations of 7" format, on which Magick Mutants EP was pressed, the 4 minutes long master version was shortened to nearly 2 minutes as vinyl edit.

The EP was released on 1 May 2019, as bonus to limited photo book To Show You I've Been There .... Prior that Dave Ball was promoting the song on radio and podcast interviews.[1][2] Upon release purchasers of books received both master and edit versions of “Back To Nature” as digital audio downloads.

Other versions[edit | edit source]

Instrumental[edit | edit source]

An instrumental version of the song appears on Magick Mutants promo CD, along with original master version, both sharing the same length.

Marc's Mix[edit | edit source]

Shortly after the release of EP, Marc Almond has announced on his social media pages that “Back To Nature” on it was mixed incorrectly, with his vocals being off key, thus he is going to fix it and later release correct version via YouTube.[3][4]

Track was re-mixed with Rob McFarlane in Dean Street Studios, where Almond initially recorded his vocals.[4] The outcome is Almond's vocal track being in tune with music, however Ball's singing parts became absence. It was released on Almond's official YouTube channel on July 15th, 2019, as slideshow video with images corresponding to the lyrics of the song; the video is credited to Katherine Rhodes.[5]

In 2023 Almond mentioned that “Back To Nature” will be released on upcoming compilation to accompany 2022 studio album *Happiness Not Included. It was revealed to be ‘Marc's Mix’ of the song with official announcement of the record, *Happiness Now Completed. It came out on July 28.

Dave Ball vocal version[edit | edit source]

A shortened version with Dave Ball singing the entire song, without Almond, was released in June 2020 on his deluxe CD compilation 1979–2019.

Personnel[edit | edit source]

  • Written-By – Frank Tovey
  • Vocals – Marc Almond
  • Instruments, vocals – David Ball
  • Production – Soft Cell
  • Engineering, programming – Rick Mulhall
  • Engineering (vocals) – Jonny Solway, Rob McFarlane
  • Mixing – Philip Larsen

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Written by Frank Tovey

Back to nature
Caravan on canvey sand
Back to nature
Glucose filled, and programmed to respond

It's gonna rain all night
But we'll be alright
Under the geodesic dome
Infrared heats it just like home
Sitting in the shade of a rubber tree
I'll kiss you and you'll kiss me

Back to nature
Burning bodies in the sun
Back to nature
Just like lemmings, every one
Back to nature
Catalyst aircraft fill the air
Back to nature
Aerosol ambre solaire

Kiss me,kiss me,kiss me

(For Frank)

Availability[edit | edit source]

“Back To Nature” appears on following records.

Official releases

Year Title Type Version
2019 Magick Mutants EP Vinyl edit
Magick Mutants 
(promo CD)
EP Master
2020 1979–2019 Compilation Dave Ball vocal version
2023 *Happiness Now Completed Compilation Marc's Mix
2024 *Happiness Now Digital Other Marc's Mix

Listen[edit | edit source]

Official uploads on YouTube

Soft Cell - Back To Nature []
Marc's Mix

References[edit | edit source]

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