Last Chance (Christmas Mix) / Light Sleepers

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This article is about limited CD single; for Record Store Day 2023 vinyl single see Light Sleepers / Last Chance (RSD);
for songs see Last Chance (song) and Light Sleepers (song)
Last Chance (Christmas Mix)
/ Light Sleepers
single by Soft Cell
Cover - Last Chance (Christmas Mix) Light Sleepers.png
Cover design by James McWilliam
Released 2 December 2022
Recorded Orange Girl Studios
Manhattan Studios
Dean St. Studios
Produced Soft Cell
Philip Larsen
Label BMG
Genre synth-pop
Format CD
Album *Happiness Not Included
Previous Nostalgia Machine
Last Chance (Christmas Mix) / Light Sleepers is a limited double A-side CD single by Soft Cell released in 2022. It is the final single from their studio album *Happiness Not Included.[1]

Recording[edit | edit source]

Last Chance” was first recorded for Cruelty Without Beauty studio album in 2001. It got fully reworked for 2022 single as ‘Christmas Mix’, getting new and arrangement by Dave Ball and producer Philip Larsen with full live brass section.[2][3]

Light Sleepers” was one of the songs recorded in 2020 for *Happiness Not Included studio album, which came out in May 2022. It ended up having a music video, published in November, and thus becoming the final single from this album.[1]

Release[edit | edit source]

The single was announced on 12 November 2022, shortly after release of “Light Sleepers” music video.[4] The single is limited to 1000 copies with postcards and was sold exclusively at Soft Cell affiliated web store.[2] “Last Chance (Christmas Mix)” was released on streaming platforms in 18 November,[2] and the physical release followed in 2 December.[3]

Track listing[edit | edit source]

All lyrics written by Marc Almond, all music composed by Dave Ball.
No.TitleAdditional writingLength
1. Last Chance(Christmas Mix)  3:40
2. Light Sleepers”  Jon Savage 4:42
3. “Last Chance” (Extended Christmas Mix)  4:39
4. “Light Sleepers” (Extended Mix)Jon Savage 5:49

Personnel[edit | edit source]

  • Written-By (lyrics), vocals – Marc Almond
  • Written-By (music) – David Ball, Jon Savage (2, 4)
  • Production – Soft Cell, Philip Larsen
  • Bass – Jack Birchwood (1, 3)
  • Woodwind – Gary Barnacle (2, 4)
  • Mastering – Barry Grint

Artwork[edit | edit source]

Front cover of single's sleeve features a photo of married couple kissing while sitting on a bench covered in snow, taken in New York City in 1947;[5] the image is edited to be in muted shades of blue with addition of snowfall.[6] On the back cover and disc itself a street lamp in the same shades. Bonus Christmas postcard shares the same design. Design is credited to James McWilliam, original concept by Chris Smith.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The single was initially promoted with “Light Sleepers” as A-side and “Last Chance” as AA track, and having two artworks where “Light Sleepers” side had Los Angeles imagery with skyscrapers, palms and birds by early morning sky; design is credited to James McWilliam.[3][4]
    • Eventually this artwork went to Light Sleepers / Last Chance vinyl single for Record Store Day 2023.

See also[edit | edit source]

  • Light Sleepers / Last Chance – limited Record Store Day 2023 vinyl single with opposite track order and alternative mixes
  • Strange Kinda Dance – another limited CD single by Soft Cell which preceded Light Sleepers / Last Chance (Christmas Mix)

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