Live:Soft Cell - 1979-12-23 - Leeds Polytechnic

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Fine Art ‘Living Death’ party
Soft Cell concert
Soft Cell during the show
Photograph by Tom O'Leary
Date December 23, 1979
Venue Leeds Polytechnic Common Room
Location Leeds, England
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Release Keychains And Snowstorms
Soft Cell's first live performance took place on December 23, 1979, during Christmas celebrating Fine Art ‘Living Death’ party in Common Room of Leeds Polytechnic, Leeds, England.[1][2][3]

Overview[edit | edit source]

Set list[edit | edit source]

  1. Science Fiction Stories
  2. A Man Could Get Lost
  3. Walking Make Up Counter
  4. Tupperware Party
  5. Pyrex My Cuisine
  6. And The World Goes Round
  7. Mix
  8. When We Go Marching
  9. Occupational Hazard
  10. And My Last Breath
  11. Persuasion[1]

Personnel[edit | edit source]

Recordings[edit | edit source]

The recordings of three songs from this show were released in 2018 on Keychains And Snowstorms box set, 5th CD − “The Early Years 1978-81”: “Walking Make Up Counter”, “Occupational Hazard” and “Persuasion”.

References[edit | edit source]

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