Memorabilia (single)

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single by Soft Cell
Cover photograph by Paolo Di Paolo
Released 21 March 1981[?]
Recorded Stage One Studio
Produced Daniel Miller
Label Some Bizzare
Genre synth-pop, new wave
Format 12″ (original), CD
Next Tainted Love
Related A Man Can Get Lost

Memorabilia is a debut single by Soft Cell, released in March 1981. Its sister 7″ single release is A Man Can Get Lost.

Recording[edit | edit source]

After Stevo negotiated a deal with Phonogram record label for Soft Cell to release two singles, the duet's choice of producer fell on Daniel Miller, which was primarily motivated by his earlier work with Fad Gadget (with whom both Almond and Ball studied with at Leeds Polytechnic) and his own releases as the Normal and Silicon Teens.[1][2][3]

Singles were recorded with Miller in 16 track Stage One Studio in December 1980. “Persuasion” was a song from earlier repertoire of the duo, while the idea for “Memorabilia” came to Almond just before studio session and was improvised during recording, both lyrically and musically, with Almond's first take vocals.[1]

Release[edit | edit source]

Both A Man Can Get Lost and Memorabilia singles were released on 21 March, 1981.[?] Not only they were debut singles for Soft Cell, but also the first single releases of Some Bizzare label. The reason behind singles having different A sides remains unknown.

Memorabilia later was released in Europe under Vertigo label. In 1982 it was released in UK again, as part of The Twelve Inch Singles box set, and in 1990 in CD format within 12″ Mixes On CD box set.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

All songs written and composed by David Ball and Marc Almond. 

Side 1 
1. Memorabilia(Long Version) 7:45
Side 2 
2. Persuasion”   7:46

Personnel[edit | edit source]

Artwork[edit | edit source]

Front cover features a posterized photograph of Almond and Ball sitting by ‘Soft Cell’ neon sign, shot by famed Hollywood photographer Paolo Di Paolo.[4][5] Same artwork goes for A Man Can Get Lost single. Sleeve design is credited to Soft Cell.

On advertisement of the singles a newer, and also posterized, photograph of the duo was used, with Ball in a white shirt and Almond in a new romantic style outfit, taken by Peter Ashworth earlier in 1981.[6][7]

Reception[edit | edit source]

Both singles failed to get into pop charts, Memorabilia particularly reached number 101 in official UK charts.[3] But it has become a big dance club hit due to title track's novelty and mix possibilities, to the point that it got into New York club scene and reached number 35 in the Billboard dance club charts,[3][8] earning early recognition of the duo in US before Tainted Love.[1][2][6][9] According to Ball, such success made Phonogram give Soft Cell another chance for a single release.[1][3]

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