Mutant Moments

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Mutant Moments
EP by Soft Cell
Cover artwork by Dave Ball
Released 8 October 1980
Recorded Leeds Polytechnic
The Sound Clinic [?]
Produced Soft Cell
Label A Big Frock Rekord
Red Rhino Records
Genre post punk, minimal wave
Format 7″, 10″ (reissue)
Related Magick Mutants
Mutant Moments (E.P.) is an EP by Soft Cell. It is first record produced by the band, released in 1980 trough their own labelA Big Frock Rekord.

Recording[edit | edit source]

Soft Cell have been performing their early songs live for a long time, when Dave Ball started sending demo tapes of the duo to various record labels. No success was made to get them interested, so a decision to release record on their own was made.[1][2]

Four tracks for the EP were recorded in an amateur studio of Leeds Polytechnic,[3] much before said decision: “Potential” and “Frustration” remained as demo sketches, before Ball and Almond formed Soft Cell properly, while “L.O.V.E. Feelings” was just written and “Metro MRX” – re-recorded, after formation.[1]

Release[edit | edit source]

The making of the record was funded on a loan of £400 taken from Ball's mother,[4] with creation of their own label A Big Frock Rekord.[1] But the release, initially of 1,000 copies, was repeatedly delayed by record manufacturer and wasn't done in time, with the last hope being the release and sale at Futurama II festival at Leeds Queens Hall, where duo appeared on 13th September 1980.[1][2][5] EP ends up being released only on 8 October 1980,[?] pressed in 2,000 copies. It was selling in record shops of Leeds.[6]

Track listing[edit | edit source]

All songs written and composed by Marc Almond and David Ball. 

A side 
1. Potential”  David BallDavid Ball 3:26
2. L.O.V.E. Feelings”  Marc AlmondDavid Ball 3:27
B side 
1. Metro MRX”  David BallDavid Ball 2:12
2. Frustration”  Marc AlmondDavid Ball 3:37

Personnel[edit | edit source]

Credits on back cover of EP lists only the band itself, in its early incarnation:

  • Synthesizer, tape, electronics – David Ball
  • Vocals, ‘synthetic scratch’ – Marc Almond
  • ‘Visuals’ – Steven Griffith

But Steven Griffith didn't contribute to this record in any way – his only role in the band was creating and setting up projections and other visuals on early live shows.[1][7][8]

Remastering of the tracks on 2020 reissue is credited to Philip Larsen.

Artwork[edit | edit source]

Sleeve artworks were created by Dave Ball – front cover, and Marc Almond – back cover.[1] Both of the artwork are collages of heavily posterized photographs of people, edited to have physical deformities, most notably the band members on the back. The back cover also uses photographs, most likely, taken from films.[9] For 2020 reissue (see in the next section) the sleeve was updated with small “Remastered” caption of front and other credits on back cover and labels, with redesign credited to James McWilliam.[10] The artwork for bonus postcard was created by Kris Neat.[?]

Promotional poster of EP was also done by Dave Ball.[1] Part of it is a collage of a child in a dress pointing at “Mutant Moments” header. The font and ink drawn glowing around words imitate look of ‘Soft Cell’ neon sign, which is also depicted at the top. It indicates initial 1,000 copies run, instead of 2,000. These posters were mainly seen in records shop of Leeds.[6]

Other versions[edit | edit source]

In 2020, for 40th anniversary since the year of release, Mutant Moments has received first official reissue, as a 10″ with remastered tracks, pressed on 180g clear vinyl in 1,000 copies. Initially it was planned to be released on Record Store Day 2020 in April, with official announce in March.[11][12] But due to COVID-19 pandemic and uncertainty on rescheduled dates of the event, the release, along with Floatation single reissue, was withdrawn and the selling was moved to Soft Cell's official web site, with a replica of bonus postcard, and record retailers outside of RSD events, starting from May.[13] On June 5th remastered EP was released digitally on streaming platforms.[14]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ball, who was carrying with him at the festival a test pressing copy of Mutant Moments – the only existing at the time, meet there John Peel and gave it to him. Later, “Metro MRX”, a track from this EP, will be played on Peel's Radio 1 show.[1][3][15]
  • Chorus of “Metro MRX” is referenced above track listing on the back cover: “Who is your favourite mutant?”
  • Mutant Moments received a ‘sequel’ EP in 2019 – Magick Mutants.
  • Both “Mutant Moments” and “Magick Mutants” titles were derived from the title of famous swing song “Magic Moments”.[16]
  • Mutant Moments is considered to be one of the most valued Soft Cell records due to being duo's first release and one of the rarest releases in their discography, pressed only in 2,000 copies. The big amount of various pirate copies made over years[17] makes this EP one of the hardest to get for collectors of original releases.

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