Northern Lights / Guilty (Cos I Say You Are)

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Northern Lights /
Guilty (Cos I Say You Are)
single by Soft Cell
Cover photograph by Mike Owen
Released 28 September 2018
Recorded Dean Street Studios
Kick Studios
Produced David Ball, Riccardo Mulhall
Label Universal
Genre synth-pop
Format 7", CD
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Next *Happiness Not Included / Bruises On All My Illusions
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Northern Lights / Guilty (Cos I Say You Are) is a double-A side single by Soft Cell released in September 2018 toward duo's 40th anniversary. It also was released in a form remix maxi single and included on a compilation of singles, all released on the same day.

Recording[edit | edit source]

During the making of retrospective box set release, Keychains And Snowstorms, Dave Ball shared with Marc Almond some of his new pieces of music and the latter started working on lyrics for them.[1] The new songs − “Northern Lights” and “Guilty (Cos I Say You Are)” were eventually recorded in 2018, with production and recording by Ball and producer Riccardo Mulhall, at his Kick Studios, Richmond, and additional work by Jonny Solway and Tris Penna on Almond's vocals at Dean Street Studios, Soho.

Release[edit | edit source]

Single's release was preceded by radio play and streaming platform release of the first song, “Northern Lights”, on 21th August 2018, with announce of both the single and associated CD compilation Keychains And Snowstorms: The Singles, where it was included.[2][3] On 27th September, just a day away from physical release, a music video appeared on duo's official YouTube channel.

The single was released as double-A side with radio edits on 7" vinyl and as maxi single with original versions and remixes on CD on 28 September 2018, along with CD compilation and picture disc remix EP. However the single wasn't included on associated, but released at slightly earlier date, Keychains And Snowstorms box set due to manufacturing times.[1]

Track listing[edit | edit source]

All songs written and composed by Marc Almond, David Ball and Riccardo Mulhall.

7" vinyl
Side A 
1. Northern Lights(Radio Edit) 3:05
Side AA 
1. “Guilty (Cos I Say You Are)” (Radio Edit) 3:15
1. Northern Lights(Extended Mix) 5:58
2. “Northern Lights”   4:21
3. “Northern Lights” (Dub) 5:58
4. “Guilty (Cos I Say You Are)” (Extended Mix) 6:16
5. “Guilty (Cos I Say You Are)”   4:21
6. “Guilty (Cos I Say You Are)” (Dub) 6:16

Personnel[edit | edit source]

  • Written-By (lyrics) − Marc Almond
  • Written-By (music) − David Ball, Riccardo Mulhall
  • Vocals − Marc Almond
  • Backing Vocals – James Beaumont, Marc Almond
  • Production – Dave Ball, Riccardo Mulhall
  • Production (vocals) – Tris Penna (“Northern Lights”)
  • Recording – Dave Ball, Riccardo Mulhall
  • Recording (vocals) – Jonny Solway
  • Mastering – Barry Grint
  • Mixing – Philip Larsen

Artwork[edit | edit source]

The sleeve of vinyl single features photographs by Mike Owen of neon signs glowing in the dark − ‘Soft Cell’ on the front, ‘Marc Almond’ and ‘Dave Ball’ on the back. The photographs were edited by Stefan Fähler, creating more compact images of originally long signs, and particularly omitting second names for the back side artwork. The full release information is on vinyl label of AA side. Art Direction and design are credited to Philip Marshall.[4]

The artwork of CD maxi-single differs significantly: on front cover, against plain black background there is only glowing ‘Soft Cell’ neon sign, in the middle and in its full length. Inside − a new photograph of Almond and Ball. Both photographs credited to Mike Owen, the design and artwork credits remain the same as well.[5]

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