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Nostalgia Machine
single by Soft Cell
Cover - Nostalgia Machine.png
Cover design by James McWilliam
Released January 2023
Label BMG
Genre synth-pop
Format 12"
Album *Happiness Not Included
Previous Purple Zone
Related Nostalgia Machine (EP)
Nostalgia Machine is a single by Soft Cell from their studio album *Happiness Not Included. Estimated date of release is January 2023.[1]

Recording[edit | edit source]

All song were originally recorded in 2020 for the album during quarantine lockdowns − Marc Almond and Dave Ball worked on vocals and music separately.[2] Due to popular demand to release original, Soft Cell only version of “Purple Zone”, Ball made an extended mix for this single.[3]

Release[edit | edit source]

Nostalgia Machine and its sister CD release were announced on June 10, 2022, nearly a month after the release of the album.[3][4] Due to ongoing delays of vinyl production, the single will be released at much later date than CD − January 2023.[1]

Track listing[edit | edit source]

All lyrics written by Marc Almond, all music composed by Dave Ball and Ricardo Mulhall.
1. Nostalgia Machine(Full Length Version)  
2. “Nostalgia Machine” (Extended Dub Mix)  
3. Purple Zone(Original Dave Ball Extended Version)  
4. “Happy Happy Happy” (Extended Version)  

Personnel[edit | edit source]

  • Original album credits

Artwork[edit | edit source]

Continuing the theme of decay of human created structures from previous *Happiness Not Included cover artworks, Nostalgia Machine features slightly tarnished and vandalized Futuro house at unknown location. The color edit this time is mostly in red and orange, with addition of starry sky background with planets. Photographer is unknown, design by James McWilliam.[?]

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