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“Memorabilia” is a song by Soft Cell, first released on their debut 1981 singles Memorabilia and A Man Can Get Lost.

The main inspiration were New York disco records with hard pulsating beat which Marc Almond used to hear during his work time at the Warehouse club in Leeds. He also wanted a song where repetitive instrumental would let him improvise with vocals.

Previously featured articles

Back To Nature
“Back To Nature” is a song by English new wave artist Fad Gadget, which was covered by Soft Cell for their EP Magick Mutants, released in 2019.

Back To Nature was the first record and single by Frank Tovey, released under his stage name Fad Gadget in 1979. Both Marc Almond and Dave Ball were students in the same Fine Art department of Leeds Polytechnic as him. They decided to cover the song in memory of Tovey, who passed away in 2002.

Mutant Moments
Mutant Moments E.P. is an EP by Soft Cell. It is first record produced by the band, released in 1980 trough their own labelA Big Frock Rekord.

Soft Cell have been performing their early songs live for a long time, when Dave Ball started sending demo tapes of the duo to various record labels. No success was made to get them interested, so a decision to release record on their own was made.