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Soft Cell videography
Video albums 4
Video compilations 2
Music videos 23
Live videos 4
Documentaries 3
Other 11
Soft Cell has been dabbling with video medium since their formation in 1979 as an art project in university. The first proper music video was produced in 1981 with director Tim Pope, who then went to make the majority of Soft Cell videos (17 out of 23) with their first video album. The duo has also released 2 live video albums, 2 video compilations and appeared in number of documentaries.

Video albums[edit | edit source]

Year Title Type Format
1983 Non-Stop Exotic Video Show Music videos VHS, Betamax, LD / DVD
2002 Live In Milan Live show video DVD, VCD, VHS
2019 Say Hello Wave Goodbye: The O2 London Live show video DVD, BD, digital download
2023 Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret... And Other Stories: Live Live show video DVD, BD, digital download

Video compilations[edit | edit source]

Year Title Type Format
1991 Memorabilia: The Video Singles Music videos VHS, LD
2018 Keychains And Snowstorms Music videos, TV appearances, live show video DVD (part of box set)

Music videos[edit | edit source]

Year Title Director
1981 Bedsitter Tim Pope
1982 Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
Entertain Me
Sex Dwarf
Seedy Films
Secret Life
Tainted Love
Where The Heart Is
1983 Soul Inside
1984 Down In The Subway
1991 Tainted Love ('91) Peter Christopherson
Say Hello, Wave Goodbye ('91)
2002 Monoculture Tim Pope
2018 Northern Lights
2021 Heart Like Chernobyl ?
Purple Zone
2022 Purple Zone (with Pet Shop Boys) Yassa Khan
Light Sleepers Charlie Ann Max

Live videos[edit | edit source]

Year Concert Release
1981 Amnesia, Leeds, UK Keychains And Snowstorms
2002 Rolling Stone, Milan, Italy Live In Milan
2018 The O2 Arena, London, UK Say Hello Wave Goodbye: The O2 London
2021 Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret... And Other Stories: Live

Documentaries[edit | edit source]

Year Title Note
1999 Young Guns Go For It - Soft Cell Part of BBC Four documentary series
2002 Smash! - The Soft Cell Story Part of ITV documentary series
2019 Soft Cell: Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

Other[edit | edit source]

Lyric videos
Year Title
2018 Tainted Love
2020 Last Chance
2021 Heart Like Chernobyl
Bruises On All My Illusions
2022 Purple Zone (with Pet Shop Boys)
Nostalgia Machine
Last Chance (Christmas Mix)
Concert screen videos
Year Title Concert
2018 Numbers The O2 Arena, London
Loving You, Hating Me
Year Title Note
2019 Martin Short film[?] showed at To Show You I've Been There ... launch party

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Music videos
Year Artist Title Note
1984 Tim Pope I Want To Be A Tree The Old Grey Whistle Test version
Year Title Note
1999[?] Top Ten: 1981 Channel 4 documentary series
Top Ten: 80s Romantics
2008 Kraftwerk And The Electronic Revolution Only Dave Ball
2009 Synth Britannia
2012 Video Killed The Radio Star - Directors View: Tim Pope Only Marc Almond
Year Title Note
2022 Live From The Upside Down Promotional pre-filmed virtual concert; only Marc Almond

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