Strange Kinda Dance

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This article is about song; for limited single see: Strange Kinda Dance (single)
Strange Kinda Dance
Track by Soft Cell
Year 2020
Written Marc Almond
Composed David Ball
Ricardo Mulhall
Produced Soft Cell
Philip Larsen
Genre synth-pop
Single Strange Kinda Dance
“Strange Kinda Dance” is a song by Soft Cell which was recorded for their 2022 studio album *Happiness Not Included and released as limited one-track CD single.

Origin[edit | edit source]

“Strange Kinda Dance” was one of the earliest tracks recorded for *Happiness Not Included album in 2020, in the midst of quarantine lockdowns. The lyrics of the song tell about lovers avoiding each other, most likely inspired by physical distancing measures which were used at the peak of COVID pandemic.[?]

Record and release[edit | edit source]

Like with the rest songs of that period artists recorded it separately: Dave Ball worked on music with co-producer Riccardo Mulhall at his (Rick's) studio, and Marc Almond worked on vocals with producer Jonny Solway at Dean Street Studios. Production is also credited to Philip Larsen.

“Strange Kinda Dance” wasn't included in the final album track list, but later was decided to be released on limited one-track CD single as replacement for signed prints from *Happiness Not Included pre-order bundles, because Dave Ball wasn't able to sign them for months due to back injury.[1][2][3] It was released under Soft Cell's own A Big Frock Rekord label with six bonus postcards on 7th November, 2022.[4]

Personnel[edit | edit source]

  • Written-By (lyrics), vocals – Marc Almond
  • Written-By (music) – David Ball, Ricardo Mulhall
  • Production – Soft Cell, Philip Larsen
  • Production (vocals) – Jonny Solway
  • Mixing – Philip Larsen

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Written by Marc Almond
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It's a strange kinda dance
Moving away from each other
It's a strange kinda dance
Keeping away from each other
It's the strangest romance
Where we don't want to get together
It's a strange kinda dance
We are not really dancing at all

Not gonna kiss you tonight
Maybe ???
I'm gonna miss you tonight
Because you're not really here
Just see you away of the other side of the street
That becomes miles wide
We have to stay at the distance
Gonna keep the resistance


Taking a risk do you want to decide
Heading in there for a weird kind of ride
It's a beautiful dance
It's a delicate play
As long you staying
Staying away
Staying away
A delicate play
It's a strange kinda dance
We are not really dancing at all

(One, two, three, four) (x8)

When you're saying goodbye
This time it could be forever
It's a strange kinda dance
We are not doing together
It's a strange kind of love
Is not loving at all
It's a beautiful dance
It's beautiful for

Chorus (x2)

References[edit | edit source]

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