Strange Kinda Dance (single)

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Strange Kinda Dance
single by Soft Cell
Cover - Strange Kinda Dance.png
Cover design by James McWilliam
Released 11 November 2022
Recorded Rick's Studio
Dean Street Studios
Produced Soft Cell
Philip Larsen
Label A Big Frock Rekord
Genre synth-pop
Format CD
Album *Happiness Not Included
Previous Purple Zone
Next Nostalgia Machine
Strange Kinda Dance is a limited one track CD single by Soft Cell released in November 2022 as replacement for signed prints for their studio album *Happiness Not Included.[1]

Recording[edit | edit source]

“Strange Kinda Dance” was one of the earliest tracks recorded for *Happiness Not Included and was not included in the album, remaining unreleased.[2] Like with the rest songs of that period, music and vocals were recorded separately: Dave Ball composed it with Riccardo Mulhall at his (Rick's) studio, Marc Almond worked on vocals with Jonny Solway at Dean Street Studios.

Release[edit | edit source]

Strange Kinda Dance was announced on 23 September, as replacement of signed prints which were part of *Happiness Not Included pre-order bundles in Soft Cell's official web stores. The decision was made due to Dave Ball's back injury which resulted in him staying in hospital for months and thus not being able to sign prints.[1][3]

The single is limited and released under Soft Cell's own A Big Frock Rekord label. Its copies are numbered and they come with six bonus postcards.[1] CDs started shipping after 7th November.[4]

Track listing[edit | edit source]

Lyrics written by Marc Almond, music composed Dave Ball and Riccardo Mulhall.

1. Strange Kinda Dance”   6:00

Personnel[edit | edit source]

  • Written-By (lyrics), vocals – Marc Almond
  • Written-By (music) – David Ball, Ricardo Mulhall
  • Production – Soft Cell, Philip Larsen
  • Production (vocals) – Jonny Solway
  • Mixing – Philip Larsen
  • Mastering – Barry Grint

Artwork[edit | edit source]

Artworks of the single are in shades of grey, with bright red ‘Soft Cell’ logo. Front cover of the sleeve features an up close photo of defunct Soviet radar system Duga located in Chernobyl, Ukraine, on the back and CD itself – a heavily posterized and mirrored photo of the Mask of Sorrow monument from Magadan, Russia.[5] Photographers are unknown, design is credited to James McWilliam, original concept by Chris Smith.

Bonus postcards use artworks of first six *Happiness Not Included singles, including digital only ones: Heart Like Chernobyl, Bruises On All My Illusions, *Happiness Not Included, Purple Zone, Nostalgia Machine and Strange Kinda Dance itself.[4]

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