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This article is about release which was just announced or is not fully released yet.
Some information here is subject to change.
If release is already out, please update the article and remove this notice.
Template documentation
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This template indicates articles about records, videos or books which were announced (with enough information to create new article for it) but not released yet. It also will place the page in Category:Articles about future releases and mark it with a noticeable message.
Please note that if the subject of article is released in both physical and digital formats, the priority of using this template goes to physical release. For example: a single was released on streaming platforms before being released on vinyl, thus the single is not released physically and new article will require this template.
Once the content was released properly, this notice should be removed.
Type {{FutureRelease}} at the top of an article.
Please not that template is case sensitive.
By default the type of release isn't specified and is just "release", this will work for article that combine audio and video releases.
To specify the type next parameters must be used:
  • {{FutureRelease|audio}}
  • {{FutureRelease|video}}
  • {{FutureRelease|book}}