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studio album by Marc And The Mambas
Cover artwork by Val Denham
Released September 1982
Recorded Trident Studios
Produced Marc And The Mambas
Label Some Bizzare
Genre synth-pop, art rock
Format LP + 12", cassette, CD (reissue)
Singles Big Louise (unreleased)
Next Torment And Toreros
Related Fun City / Sleaze (Take It, Shake It)
Untitled is debut studio album by Marc And The Mambas, released on September 1982 trough Some Bizzare Records.

Recording[edit | edit source]

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The album was recorded in Trident Studios, Soho, London, in 1982.

Release[edit | edit source]

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Untitled was released on September 1982 by Some Bizzare Records. The label also planned to release a single off this album − Big Louise, however Phonogram Records pulled out the record without even making a test pressing of it.[1]

Track listing[edit | edit source]

Original two 12" vinyl release:

Side 1 (A)
1. Untitled”  Almond, Johnson 4:54
2. “Empty Eyes”  Hogan, Almond 5:03
3. “Angels”  Almond, Johnson 8:34
Side 2 (B)
1. “Big Louise”  Engel 5:05
2. “Caroline Says”  Reed 3:39
3. “Margaret”  Hogan 3:45
4. “If You Go Away”  Brel 6:28
Side 3 (C)
1. “Terrapin”  Barrett 4:18
2. “Twilights & Lowlifes”  Marc And The Mambas 11:29
Side 4 (D)
1. “Twilights & Lowlifes (Street Walking Soundtrack)”  Marc And The Mambas 11:08

Releases on other formats have the same track listing, with exception of:[2]

  • 1997, 2008 and 2010 CD reissues by Some Bizzare – “Twilights & Lowlifes (Street Walking Soundtrack)” is replaced by “Sleaze”; 1997 and 2010 versions have bonus video as well[3][4][5]
  • 2004 Japanese cassette reissue by Mercury has “Discipline” as bonus track[6]

Personnel[edit | edit source]

  • Vocals – Marc Almond, Cindy Ecstasy (C1)
  • Backing Vocals – Cindy Ecstasy (A2, C2, D)
  • Instruments – Matt Johnson (A1, A2, A3, C2), Anni Hogan (A2, B, C, D), Marc Almond (A3, C1)
  • Percussion – Peter Ashworth (C2, D)
  • Production – Marc And The Mambas
  • Engineering – Flood, Steeve Short
  • Mixing – Flood (A1, A3, B2, B3, D), Craig Milliner (A2, B4, C1), Steve Short (B1, C2)

Artwork[edit | edit source]

On front cover of the album there is portrait of Marc Almond by artist Val Denham, who would later work on the rest Marc And The Mambas artworks; according to her sign the painting is called “Boy Halo”. On back side of the sleeve − collage by Almond of photographs, taken with or by him, and bottom caption: ‘It’s My Happening And I’m Freaking Out’. The photographs features mainly Almond himself, Anni Hogan and Matt Johnson, other personalities which can be spotted here are Cindy Ecstasy, Stevo, Huw Feather, Genesis P-Orridge, Dave Ball, Anita Sarko, Dianne Brill, Divine and Andy Warhol.[7]

The gatefold features a set of simpler photographs by Peter Ashworth, of Almond, Hogan, Johnson, Cindy Ecstasy and other Val Denham artworks, including the “Boy Halo” from front cover. One of the photographs, with Almond holding a doll, is repeated on vinyl labels (sides 1 and 3). The inner vinyl sleeves have rough drawings of eyes, similar to ones on Almond's clothes in 1982, signed by ‘Rizz’ (possibly the creator of said clothes).[7]

The entire layout and design, including Marc And The Mambas logo, is by Huw Feather.

Reception[edit | edit source]

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Charts[edit | edit source]

Untitled entered the official UK Top 100 album chart on second week of October 1982, at number 43.[8] It would climb on its peak position − 42, on 17th,[9] and drop to 70s in the following 2 weeks,[10][11] overall remaining in the chart for 3 weeks.

Chart Peak position Peaked at Weeks
UK – Albums Top 100 42 17/10/1982 3

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